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Auto Careers Today Mission Statement

The Auto Careers Bicycle Club encourages bicycling for health, recreation, and transportation. To create a safe and supportive environment for cyclists of all skill levels, the club will promote cycling safety, provide a competitive race program, and sponsor cycle-related events.

Email Etiquette

The purpose of this group is to discuss all issues related to bicycling.
All people who ride bicycles are welcome, and all legal kinds of bicycling
are considered desirable. This group also will promote bicycling advocacy.
This group is also about having fun!

We ask that all group members:

  • Messages should be generally related to bicycling, or be of interest to cyclists.
  • Keep messages to the point and only as long as necessary.
  • As much as possible, make the subject heading descriptive, and remove excessive quotes of previous messages in the string.
  • Be polite to other members and considerate of their feelings. If you're upset, wait till you have calmed down, then compose a reply.
  • Never shout at people. (Don't use all UPPERCASE LETTERS or overdo punctuation!!!!!!!)
  • Make this group worthwhile, fun, and informative for everyone.

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